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Tine Trading Company is the exclusive distributor and wholesaler for some of the best cannabis brands, beautiful flower, and premium raw cannabis material. Our brands include STASH, Orchid Essentials, Cloud 9ine, as well as Tine’s own premier cannabis flower. Keep scrolling to learn more about these brands or contact us for more information.

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Tine Trading Company is the exclusive Oregon wholesaler of Orchid Essentials vape cartridges and batteries. Orchid products are handcrafted and designed for maximum flavor and overall enjoyment. Orchid’s proven processes and passion for what they do carries through into their products. The result is an unparalleled experience for new and practiced cannabis users alike. The Feel Good Is Near, so click below to find out more.


STASH produces a superior line of fine edibles and concentrates. Each STASH product is stylishly packaged making it a must-have on any dispensary shelf. STASH is an excellent product made by excellent people. The STASH company is comprised of individuals who enjoy collaborating and it is obvious in the products they create. Find out more about the STASH brand by following the link below.


Tine flower is grown exclusively for Tine Trading Company in our state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation facility located in central Oregon. Opened in 2017, “The Grow” is home to some of the most talented Growers in the industry using the most cutting edge equipment. Tine’s mission is to maximize the quality and value of the most popular and unique cannabis strains. Tien strains are sure to become the most requested strains on your dispensary shelves. Click below to find out more about Tine flower.


CLOUD 9INE is a boutique cannabis cultivation company based out of Eugene, OR. Cloud 9ine focuses on producing most popular, highest yielding strains in Oregon and is known for their heavy trim and top end quality. Cloud 9ine is also on the cutting edge of indoor grow innovation, utilizing full spectrum LED and solar lighting technology as well as soil-less grow materials to enhance quality and yield.

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